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Former Google Shuttle Driver Tells All

  • SFGate, Tuesday, September 30, 2014 2:44 PM
Brandon Barlow -- a former driver for WeDriveU, which contracted bus services for Google between San Francisco and Mountain View -- told SFGate that the conditions were harsh for the low pay and extreme hours required to work. The drivers are contracted through a third-party service. Barlow was fired in August after a bomb threat on the subway system, BART, prevented him from getting home until midnight. California law requires commercial drivers to receive an adequate amount of sleep, so he called his employer the next morning to say he couldn't make the morning shift for lack of sleep. Google isn't the only company offering shuttle service to work. Other tech companies include Facebook Yahoo, Apple, and Genentech. The city of San Francisco said about 500 permits for buses have been granted to companies in the area.



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