• COVID-19 Stay-At-Home Orders Prompt Surge In Microsoft Cloud Services
    Cloud-based services are on the rise for consumers and businesses. Late last week, Microsoft announced a significant spike in the use of Teams, its cloud-based video conferencing service. The company now has more than 44 million uses daily. Those users generated more than 900 million meeting and calling minutes in one week.
  • Google Japan Investigating Validity Of Search Results
    Reuters reports that Google search engine users found searching on terms like "state of emergency declaration April 2" in Japanese returned zero results, sparking speculation of censorship by the company. Politicians in Tokyo have called for residents to reduce social events that have led to messages on social media that the government could …
  • Google Search Console Adds Performance Report, Updates Email Preferences
    Google Webmaster announced Monday the launch one feature and one upgrade in Google Search Console. The new feature is the ability to choose whether to show performance data for your property directly in Search results. The upgrade is to choose the types of emails marketers would like to receive.
  • Pinterest Launches Today Tab, As Searches Related To Current Topics Rise
    Pinterest launched the Today tab, allowing people to find daily inspiration with curated topics and trending Pins. In the coming weeks the company will feature information from the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control on topics like hand washing, as well as categories for kids like baking ideas, self-care tips, family-favorite movies and comfort food recipes. The Today tab will show popular ideas based on current events and trending searches.
  • Organic Travel Links Serving Up Higher In Google SERPs
    Free links from travel companies like TripAdvisor now appear higher in Google Search on desktop and mobile, but it isn't because regulators have clamped down on the search. One media outlet believes its because travel ads are missing from search results. The missing ads are allowing organic listings from sites like Tripadvisor, Booking.com, and Expedia to serve up higher, reports Dennis Schaal.
  • Do Political Views Divide Thoughts On Coronavirus?
    Will your political affiliation determine whether or not you will contract coronavirus? Probably not, but the unwillingness to protect yourself might. About four of every 10 Democrats said they thought the new coronavirus poses an imminent threat, compared to about two of every 10 Republicans. It's obvious that those who think it is an "imminent threat" will do more to protect themselves, such as washing their hands after touching every public surface. The study found that half of Democrats said they now wash their hands more often because of the virus, compared with four in 10 Republicans, according to the …
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