• Alibaba To Sell Stake In State-Owned Broadcaster
    Mango, which runs a popular video-streaming service, is among Alibaba’s largest state-owned media assets. The ecommerce giant in China bought more than 93 million shares of Mango in December 2020 for 6.2 billion yuan, equivalent to $959 million, according to the report. Mango TV is the most-watched network nationwide after China Central Television. In March, The Wall Street Journal reported China’s government asked Alibaba to shed its media assets, "as officials grew concerned about the ecommerce behemoth’s sway over public opinion in the country."
  • Jawbone Sues Google, Apple Over Noise-Canceling Technology Patents
    Jawbone Innovations, the owner of the patents, filed a lawsuit against Google this week in Waco, Texas. The owner is seeking royalties from Google, and Apple over noise-canceling technology in their ear buds, smartphones and smart-home devices. The eight patents provide ways to limit background noise in devices, technology that was developed in Jawbone’s early years, when it was contracted by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to research noise suppression techniques for the U.S. military. The company liquidated its assets in 2017. 
  • Google Improves Gmail Filtering Options On Android Mobile
    Google said on Tuesday that the company has made it easier to filter email and search results on Android mobile devices to find one specific email or piece of information. Search filters can be used independently or post-search, helping to choose filtering options from drop-down lists. 
  • Merkle Provides Tips To Help Boost Loyalty Through Rewards Program
    Brands sometimes overlook the importance of interactions with consumers outside of purchases. Here are five steps to help integrate a rewards program that consumers should love.
  • Canada Goose Fined For False Advertising In China Crackdown
    China fined Canada Goose Holdings for allegedly misleading consumers in some advertisements, becoming the latest foreign brand to be targeted by regulators amid political tensions. The regulator said the claims of using “the warmest material from Hutterite,” referring to communities that produce some of the world’s most luxurious goose down. China regulators said it deceived shoppers as most of its products are actually made with other material.
  • Meet MuteSix And its Direct-To-Consumer Strategy
    MuteSix, a performance marketing agency created in 2014 and acquired by Dentsu in 2019, talks with TechCrunch about betting on data to boost ecommerce and direct-to-consumer marketing.
  • Visa Shutters Its Data Biz For Advertisers
    Visa's Ad Solutions gave marketers access to consumer segments and ZIP codes categorized as "high spenders" or "likely to purchase" across more than 100 million U.S. Visa card holders. There are not shutting down their data business -- they are shutting down the way they did it previously. American Express, and MasterCard also have data services, according to Marketing Brew.   
  • The Targeted Impact To Link Building
    For marketers wanting to build links that impact rankings for specific pages on their website, here's a guide from Moz. Garrett French explains the targeted impact to link building. 
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