• How To Calculate Landing Page ROI
    Formstack has put together a short guide to calculating the return on investment of a landing page using Google Analytics. Step one is to define the audience to discover the words and phrases people use to search for the products and services. Begin with popular keywords and dig into search results, suggested searches and competitors' pages to look for others. Take a page and calculate the conversion rates for calls to action. Subsequent steps follow in the infographic.
  • Google Wallet Balances Automatic Bank Transfers
    Google has released new ways to add money to the balance of its digital commerce Wallet. It occurs automatically through recurring bank transfers. The fee-free feature is secure, per Google. Users can schedule a recurring transfer from their bank account into their Wallet Balance. Choose the amount and set a schedule. The tool also provides low-balance alerts.
  • Android Co-Founder Leaving Google
    Andy Rubin, co-founder of Google's Android mobile business and the current head of its robotics effort, will leave Google to start an incubator for startups. Google research scientist James Kuffner will replace Rubin as head of the unit.
  • Google Tries To Give Bookmarks New Life
    Google Stars, the anticipated bookmarking service from Google, has now publicly launched in the Chrome Web store. The bookmark allows Chrome users to save bookmarks with a click, organize them and use Google's search technology to find bookmarks that got buried deeply in their collections.
  • Google Play Book Skims Non-Fiction Text
    The new release of Google Play Books allows readers to skim an entire book, browse notes and highlights, and quickly jump back and forth between different spots. The latest version helps solve the problem of viewing reference books on mobile devices. The app also lets readers highlight text and take notes while reading and refer back to the text in skim mode. Scott Dougall explains.  
  • Bing Adds Search For Animated GIFs
    Bing followed the Internet's obsession with snippets or video clips. On Thursday the engine added the ability to search for animated GIFs in image search. Click on the "Type" filter below the search box and then select "Animated GIF." The page refreshes to show animated GIFs. Hovering on any of the images will play the animation in the search results.
  • Apple Expands iAd To 95 Countries
    Apple's mobile in-app ad platform, iAd, is now available in 70 more countries -- expanding to a total number of 95 across the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Australia. The company explains how marketers can create ad campaigns in minutes using iAd Workbench.  
  • Hotels.com Caught Buying Links
    Hotels.com, an Expedia property, has been caught sending out spammy emails asking travel bloggers for links. It turns out that earlier this month several influential travel bloggers received an email from an unnamed SEO manager for Hotels.com’s Americas division. The sender asked if the recipients would have interest in brand promotion for our hotels. Larry Kim explains how Hotels.com's attempts to buy backlinks from bloggers shows how well-known sites get away with underhanded tactics that would otherwise ruin small businesses trying to do the same thing. He outlines the "questionable tactics."
  • Former Google Wallet Lead Intros PoS To Give Merchant More Options
    Osama Bedier left PayPal to oversee the launch of Google Wallet. Now he's on to something bigger. On Wednesday, his company Poynt will unveil its first smart payment terminal or point of sale (PoS) systems intended for small and medium-sized merchants. The gadget runs on Android mobile operating systems, runs two screens, a main one facing the merchant, and a second, smaller screen for the consumer. It comes with built-in sales-analysis apps and includes ways to accept a range of payment types, from traditional credit cards to the newer chip-and-pin variety, along with several digital options, including NFC, QR code, and Bluetooth …
  • Next Phase Of Content Optimization To Create Loyal Brand Fans
    Treating content as part of the experience has not always been a priority. Ian Lurie explains how marketers need to change their approach to content marketing. First he defines content as anything that communicates a message to the audience, and follows it up with steps that outline how to change the approach. He believes that optimizing content drives interest, engagement and rankings -- but also takes visitors from completing a transaction to becoming a loyal fan.
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