• What Does The Blair Witch Project Have In Common With Content Marketing?
    John Rooney uses examples from The Blair Witch Project to teach marketers about content marketing. You remember the movie where three film students -- Heather Donahue, Michael C Williams and Joshua Leonard -- investigated the legend of the Blair Witch in their hometown of Burkittsville, Maryland. Fifteen years ago, fake documentaries were far less commonplace, which made the movie unforgettable. Rooney explains how marketers don't need to invest a fortune to earn success, because it really takes the ability to trigger emotions and a connection, use multiple media channels, and strike an innovative chord.
  • Sundar Pichai To Oversee Google Products
    Larry Page has appointed Sundar Pichai to oversee Google's products -- running research, search, maps, Google+, commerce and ads and infrastructure. The six execs responsible for the product areas now report to Pichai rather than Page. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki will continue to report to Page, confirms Reuters.
  • What Does It Say About Someone Who Breaks The Sound Barrier Outside An Aircraft?
    Here's a little bit of trivia. Alan Eustace jumped from a helium balloon, falling to earth from more than 135,000 feet on Friday. The free fall set a record for being only the second person to break the sound barrier outside an aircraft. In 2012, Austrian pilot and skydiver Felix Baumgartner reached a velocity of 833.9 miles an hour while jumping from 128,100 feet. Eustace, senior VP of knowledge at Google, reached a velocity of 822 miles an hour, per The Wall Street Journal.
  • Changes On Baidu's Ad Network
    Those buying paid-search ads on Baidu might have noticed an increase in impressions in mid-October when Baidu rolled out the Search Network with Display Select to Baidu paid-search accounts. Gordon Choi explains two significant changes: Search Network with Display Select, and new keyword-match type options for Chinese user search queries. He gives marketers a rundown of how the network works, and the six keyword match types available -- three phrases, exact, broad, and negative.
  • Google Acquires Two AI Companies
    Google has acquires two more artificial intelligence companies in the United Kingdom, Oxford University spinoffs specializing in machine learning and computer vision, per The Guardian. Dark Blue Labs, and Vision Factory, along with seven key researchers, will join Google’s DeepMind artificial intelligence research team, another AI startup acquired in January.
  • The Many Definitions Of Multichannel Marketing
    Confused on the definition of multichannel marketing. You're not alone, Ben Davis tells us about five definitions for the subject. He put the following in the category: Obligachannel, full attribution of sales and cost saving, meeting a known customer at each marketing and communications channel, and finally, marketing in more than one channel. What definition do you use?
  • DataPop Launches OmniAds Turning Product Catalogs Into Ads
    DataPop Thursday launched of OmniAds, a product that helps retailers treat their merchandise catalogs like a set of potential ads, rather than static data records. OmniAds supports numerous publishers, such as Google, Bing, Pinterest, Polyvore, Ebay, and Amazon. Features include product positioning, selection, promotion, and testing.
  • Microsoft Intros Bing Torque
    Microsoft has released two new Android apps and an experimental Bing app for Android Wear devices. The two apps for Android smartphones are Next Lock Screen, a lock screen replacement app that offers contextual information on the locked screen of a consumer's phone, and a social app called Journeys & Notes. The third project, Bing Torque, is an Android Wear app that Microsoft says allows users to twist their wrist and talk in order to search Bing. All three are part of the Garage Project, where employees spend time working on their own projects. 
  • Why Mobile No. 1 Ranking Matters
    seoClarity has published a new click-through ranking study analyzing desktop and mobile search. The study finds that the click-through rate drops significantly for content that doesn't rank in the No. 1 position in mobile query results. A graph in the study shows position No. 1 with a 27.7% CTR and position No. 2 with a 9.2% CTR. The study analyzed more than 2 billion impressions from Google Webmaster Tools data during 90 days, from June through August.
  • Waze Maps Haunted By Ghosts
    From Oct. 22 until Nov. 5, Waze Map users in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Japan, Philippines and E.U. will notice ghosts, but users can rid the map of spirits by adding places or by driving over the ghostly goodies that appear on the map. A link to a video shows users how to rid the map of ghosts and ghouls. Every place added helps reduce the amount of haunted places, and every real place equals points and bragging rights. Directions to real haunted houses would fall in the spirit of the holiday.
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