• Google To Enter Game Streaming, Hardware Market
    The media outlet 9to5Google reports it confirmed that  Google plans to announce gaming hardware next month at its Game Developers Conference in San Francisco scheduled for March 19. The news will include a game streaming service powered by the Project Stream technology, and hardware to go with it. Gaming gives advertisers other channel in which to tie in search campaigns. 
  • Google Adds Video To Responsive Display Ads
    Google now allows marketers to add YouTube video assets to Google responsive display ad (RDA) campaigns. The news announced Thursday included two reporting updates for responsive display ads. Google said it built the ads to help marketers adapt to a diverse mix of content types and screen sizes. This expands the reach into new inventory and improve performance with sight, sound and motion.
  • Pinterest Submits Paperwork For IPO
    Pinterest has filed paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission for an initial public offering, The Wall Street Journal reports. The company, which has been focusing on image search, expects a valuation of $12 billion or more. The filing joins a list of high-profile startups joining the parade. Ride-hailing service provider Lyft also filed.
  • Google Explains Updates To Search Console
    Google has published a post to help clarifying its plans around its changes to Search Console and how search professionals can migrate from the old to the new platform. The update provides general changes such as improvements, as well as comparing old tools and reports with the new. It also has a section on new ways to perform old tasks. 
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