• Google, Microsoft Work Together To Improve Spellcheck In Chrome, Edge Browsers
    There are not too many times someone can say Microsoft and Google have worked together for the betterment of the industry and consumers, but it seems to be happening more often lately. The latest discovery points to improvements in spellcheck on Chrome and Edge, perhaps that because the two browsers are built on Chromium. The latest versions of Chrome and Edge are now powered by the built-in Windows Spellcheck feature rather than the previous Hunspell open source implementation. The Verge reports that the change means spellcheck within Chrome and Edge will now have better support for URLs, acronyms, email addresses, and …
  • Google Slows Hiring
    Google said it's slowing the pace of hiring, adding people recruited by contracting agencies the company reportedly in an email to the agencies. The move affects more than 2,000 people who had signed offers with agencies to become a contract or temp worker, according to the report. The New York Times explains.
  • Google, Microsoft Consider Stakes In Telecom
    Google reportedly is considering a minority 5% stake in India's Vodafone Idea, according to the Financial Times. Microsoft also is in talks to invest up to $2 billion in Reliance Jio Platforms, Indian newspaper Mint reported Friday. The news hits weeks after Facebook acquired 9.9% of India's Reliance Jio Platofrms.
  • Google Announces Phased-In Return To Offices
    Google plans to start re-opening more offices July 6, if conditions allow, and by September most employees wanting to return to office work should be able to do so on a limited basis, the company’s CEO said. The July return would restrict the numbers working in the office at one time to about 10% of buildings’ capacities. In September that number would jump to 30%.
  • Google Search Tests Card-Based Design
    9 To 5 Google calls attention to a different user interface for Google Search on the desktop web. Each result in the Google Search was placed into its own Material Design card. Unlike past use of cards on desktop that have been flat to the page, this new experimental design includes a shadow effect to show the card is “raised” above the rest of the page. Take a look.
  • Supplier Sues Amazon In Trademark Dispute
    Neuco, an Illinois heating and ventilation equipment distributor, filed a trademark infringement complaint against Amazon. The complaint alleges Amazon created confusion in the marketplace with deceptive advertising. The case cites Amazon’s alleged use of Neuco’s two trademarks. While the company does not sell products as a third-party through Amazon’s website, Neuco claims its trademark was used to sell certain HVACR products. Law Street explains.
  • Six Of The Top-Searched Google Recipes
    Milford Daily News reported on the most-searched recipes in quarantine, according to Google. The article lists six of the most-searched foods on Google while people are staying at home, along with some related recipes -- everything from banana bread to meatloaf to cookies. 
  • Amazon Targets Fall Prime Day As It Tries To Build Inventory
    Amazon took steps to return to pre-pandemic business operations, including scheduling its annual Prime Day shopping promotion for the fall and allowing unlimited shipments of nonessential goods to warehouses. Some products like Seventh Generation Disinfecting Wipes, however, have a ship date of November. Others like Lysol wipes are still missing from inventory. 
  • Google Chrome To Provide A New Way To Use Tabs
    A right click will let users label and group Google Chrome tabs under a custom name and color. For those who like to organize, once the tabs are grouped they can be moved and reordered. Tab groups will become available for Chrome on desktop across Chrome OS, Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Microsoft Advertising Five Free Resources For SMBs
    Lessening the impact COVID-19 continues to have on small-to-medium businesses, Microsoft Advertising made resources available for free. The company also provides regularly updates on search insights and trends, so assist in helping marketers rework digital marketing strategies. Here's a list of some of the services.
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