• Google Picks Ex-Microsoft Exec Javier Soltero To Lead Communication Products
    Google told Thurrott that former Microsoft executive Javier Soltero will lead its communications products division as it pulls together all of these types of devices under one group. Soltero co-founded Accompli in 2013 and then in 2014 landed at Microsoft with the purchase of his company for $200 million. Microsoft renamed the mobile app to Outlook Mobile. Soltero ran Microsoft’s Outlook business until 2018 until being put in charge of Cortana, according to the report. Here's the rest of the story.
  • Coronavirus Pandemic Response: According To Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt
    "The United States is not acting aggressively enough to put the coronavirus behind us," wrote Forbes reporter John Cumbers, summarizing a discussion with leaders of the synthetic biology industry about how to navigate this first-of-its-kind disruption for the industry. The conversation was part of a series of live digital events on the coronavirus pandemic. Here's what he had to say.   
  • Merkle Walks Through Google Price Competitiveness Insights
    Google released the Price Competitiveness Insights beta in the Merchant Center to give advertisers the tools to understand how their pricing compares with the competition. Merkle walks through the process of setting up and using the tool and dashboard, which provides a visual summary of price competitiveness. While benchmarking data isn’t new for Google, advertisers using Google Ads will find it useful when planning campaigns and strategies. 
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