• Google Agrees To Change Shopping Search Practices In Europe
    In response to demands by the European Union, Google has agreed to change the way it runs its shopping search service in the region. As Bloomberg recalls: “The EU fined Google a record 2.4 billion euros ($2.7 billion) in late June for breaking antitrust rules by skewing its general search results to unfairly favor its own shopping service over rival sites.”
  • A Look Inside Google's Open Culture
    The fired engineer James Damore seems to have given the world a deeper view inside of Google. The company's culture still rooted in ethics has always been famous for encouraging employees to "explore a wide range of ideas and to question the status quo," according to Karen Wickre, who contracts with companies at Alphabet. At least until now. "It’s rare for Google to be home to asshole leadership, behavior, or decisions," she says, trying to open the door a bit wider to give an open view of the company. Wickre writes that for an open culture to thrive, employees are encouraged to bring …
  • Bing Releases List Of Agency Awards Finalists
    Bing released a list of the finalists for the 2017 Bing Agency Awards. The agency partners were chosen based on their ability to deliver outstanding creative, effective and passionate work for their clients in the Americas using search advertising. On Sept. 14, at Capital in New York, the Daily Show’s Trevor Noah will host of the black-tie event. This year, Bing acknowledged advertising agencies from across the Americas in 15 categories celebrating individual, team and agency talent. The award finalists are selected based on their achievements in each category. 
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