• Apple, Amazon Come Into Favor As UK Privacy Laws Set In
    New pressures for companies to change the way they collect and use their customers' data in the UK will dominate security issues in 2018. Wired suggests that pressure will come from governments regulations and put Apple and Amazon, which have paid more attention to security, in favor with consumers. Google and Facebook may have to agree to regulation that could hurt their business models, according to the report.
  • Baidu On The Upswing?
    Revenue is growing again, bottom line distractions are disappearing, and things are looking up for Baidu, according to The Motley Fool. The media publication focuses on stocks and financials, reporting that the stock has moved up 45% in 2017, which suggests the search engine's recovering. It's still noteworthy, per The Motley Fool, that 4.4 million shares sold short is the lowest tally of 2017. 
  • Net Neutrality Changes Create New Technology, Businesses
    The Wall Street Journal reports investors and entrepreneurs have begun to design and build startups and products based on existing technologies such as virtual private networks and wireless mesh networks that could one day help people reduce the need to rely on broadband providers for web access. The move comes from the dismantling of the net neutrality rules initiated during the Obama administration. 
  • Apple Being Sued After Saying It Slows Down Old iPhones
    Eight more lawsuits have been filed in California, New York and Illinois, seeking class-action to represent iPhone owners nationwide and demand damages along with, in some cases, reimbursement from Apple. Reuters reports that the cases have been filed in reference to Apple slowing down the performance of older iPhones to push consumers into buying a new one. 
  • Google To Extend AdWords API Terms Made With FTC
    Google will keep the voluntary commitments it made with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in 2012 to remove certain clauses from its AdWords API Terms and Conditions and provide a mechanism for websites to opt out of the display of their crawled content on certain Google web pages linked to google.com in the United States on a domain-by-domain basis. Those commitments are set to expire Dec. 27, 2017, but Google said it would keep the commitments with the FTC. It means that Google will continue to let software that integrated with its API to export AdWords campaign and ad data, allowing users …
  • 7 Consumer Sites Dominate Holiday Search In United Kingdom
    Data from AdGooroo, a Kantar Media company, shows seven consumer sites dominating the click share in U.K. paid search advertising so far during the 2017 holiday season. About 990 top retail keywords were analyzed on desktop and mobile from Nov. 1 through Dec. 11. Among the most popular keywords during the time period were "engagement rings," "fitbit." "washing machines," "xbox one," and "laptops." Amazon, at No. 1, captured 8.8% of the total U.K. mobile click share on popular retail keywords, and 7.5% of desktop. The marketplace has been known to capture more desktop marketshare, rather than mobile in the U.S., …
  • Bing Ads Supports Call Conversions
    Third-party call-tracking systems (CTS) can now integrate directly with Bing Ads and import call conversion data through our Offline Conversion Import tool and related set of APIs, according to Bing. CallTrackingMetrics becomes one of the first partners to support the new capability.
  • Google Buys Property From NetApp
    Google and Sunnyvale-based NetApp struck a deal on September 11 for the property sales, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing posted with the SEC. Google has paid a tad more than $210 million for buildings, land and parking garage that had been owned by NetApp, reports The Mercury News. The $210.3 million transaction was completed on December 7, the media company reports, citing Santa Clara County property records.
  • Microsoft Teams With Law Enforcement To Disrupt Andromeda
    Microsoft security researchers, law enforcement agencies and Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit (DCU) on Tuesday announced the disruption of Gamarue, a malware that has been used in networks of infected computers collectively called the Andromeda bot net. Microsoft's analysis of more than 44,000 malware samples revealed the depth to which the virus spread.
  • Top Bing Searches In U.K.
    Kim Kardashian remained the top celebrity search for on Microsoft's search engine Bing, with 43% share. Meghan Markle, royalty to be, came in at No. 2. Brexit remains a major search term, taking 10 related terms. Taylor Swift was the third most searched-for celebrity. British singer Cheryl Cole was fourth on Bing’s list.
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