• Microsoft Changes Cortana To Integrate With Amazon Alexa
    The Verge calls it a "relatively minor change. but it shows how Microsoft is willing to adapt they way it handles voice digital assistants on Windows 10. The tweak follows changes to Cortana in Windows 10, as Microsoft moves it to a separate app in its Store and away from the built-in search experience in the operating system. It was done to accommodate an integration with Amazon Alexa. Microsoft and Amazon also previously partnered to integrate Cortana and Alexa.
  • Google To Acquire Elastifile, Expanding Cloud Storage
    Google has entered into an agreement to acquire Elastifile, which provides enterprise file storage for cloud services. Elastifile will roll into Google Cloud on completion of the acquisition, which is subject to customary closing conditions. The deal should close later this year, Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, wrote in a post. The deal should bring support to companies requiring cloud storage space, such as brand marketers and advertisers who produce hundreds of versions of content for ads, and electronics designers who need the storage for integrated circuit design drawings.  
  • Routine Keynote By Baidu Founder Robin Li Turned Bad
    The billionaire founder of China's search engine Baidu was 10 minutes into introducing an AI-powered valet parking service when a man in a black T-shirt jumped on the stage and poured a small bottle of water over his head. Baidu condemned the act in a statement posted to Weibo, calling it shameful and disturbing. The man was taken away by police for investigation, according to the report. 
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