• Google Fact Checking Tool Now Works With Images
    Google this week announced its fact-checking tool can works to search by images and help users verify authenticity. The feature is accessible in beta through Fact Check Explorer.
  • Google To Deprecate Sitemaps 'Ping' Endpoint Later This Year
    Google announced Monday the deprecation of the sitemaps "ping" endpoint and provided recommendations for the use of the lastmod element. Google explained that the sitemap protocol defines an unauthenticated REST method for submitting sitemaps to search engines, but internal data shows the unauthenticated sitemap submissions are not very useful.
  • Microsoft Launches Predictive Targeting For All Advertisers
    Microsoft has been trialing this predictive targeting tool for about 10 months. Early adopters see an average of 46% increase in conversion rates, the company said. Predictive targeting aims to help marketers find new audiences who are more likely to convert.
  • Google Searchers Can Get Paid For Pilfered Privacy
    Google Search users who clicked on a search result link from October 25, 2006, and September 30, 2013 can recoup a small portion of the cash its search ad business collected, according to one report. But doing so will require the person to provide personal information to the company administering the legal settlement that resolves a decade-old lawsuit challenging Google's behavior, according to The Register. During that time frame, Google allegedly revealed searchers' personal information to third parties in violation of privacy laws and promises. Under the terms of the settlement published on a website earlier this month, Google -- which denies …
  • Twitter Reportedly Stopped Paying Its Google Cloud Contract
    Twitter signed a $1 billion contract in 2018 with Google to host some of its services on the company’s Google Cloud servers. One media outlet reported the social media company refused to pay the search giant ahead of the contract’s June 30, renewal date. Twitter wants to move its services off Google’s infrastructure before the contract expires, reports Engadget, citing media site Platformer.
  • Microsoft Advertising Updates Cross-Device Attribution
    Microsoft Advertising plans to roll out a cross-device attribution model that will allow the company to better track and connect the customer's conversion journey across different devices and sessions. Microsoft provides an example, along with other updates for the month of June, such as updates to the Audience Network and new markets. 
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