• eBay Plans To Improve Affiliate Program In 2022
    eBay will make improvements to its affiliate program in 2022, the director of the program, Michael Lill, reportedly told participants in the eBay Partner Network (ePN). In that message, Lill described a problem with eBay's current approach. He wrote that links point to individual listings that have ended can result in buyer confusion and frustration.
  • IAB Names EVP Of Public Policy
    Lartease Tiffith has been named executive vice president of public policy for the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), the digital media and marketing trade association. The appointment announced today means Tiffith will advocate for IAB’s more than 700 members on complex issues, including consumer privacy, data security, global trade, international data transfer rules, and more. 
  • Wrong Restaurant, Wrong Reviews
    A Pittsburgh restaurant caught in the middle of a review mix-up involved a eatery in Arkansas and a big tip. People who made the online comments were confusing one restaurant with another. What did Google do about it?
  • Marketers Now Can Associate Search Console Property With Another Google Service
    Marketers can now link Google Analytics 4 (GA4) with Google Search Console (GSC), a new feature despite being available in Universal Analysts for years. Google made the announcement Wednesday. 
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