• Brands Landing On Google's Nice List
    Google offers a list of the best places to make purchases -- which means its algorithms not only look for the best item match, but the best prices. Google Shopping lets consumers track prices. They receive notifications by phone and email. For those consumers committed to shopping local or those concerned about shipping deadlines, Google Shopping allows consumers to filter for nearby products in local stores that carry the merchandise in stock.
  • TripAdvisor And Expedia Executives Say Google Slows Search Traffic
    Executives at TripAdvisor and Expedia say their respective companies no longer get as many free links on Google search pages when consumers look for travel-related services, such as hotel rooms, rental cars, flights and other needs for trips or vacations. They claim Google pushes its own lodging offerings in search results, a move that hurt traffic. On the earnings call Thursday with investors and analysts, TripAdvisor Chief Executive Stephen Kaufer said “Google has gotten more aggressive."
  • Google Appoints Former Disney Executive To Run India Business
    Google appointed Sanjay Gupta, a former executive with Disney India and Star, to manager and vice president of sales and operations for its India business, the company announced Monday. Gupta replaced Rajan Anandan, who left for venture capital fund Sequoia Capital India as a managing director in April 2019.
  • Merkle Explains Amazon's Newest Ad Option
    Amazon launched Sponsored Display in mid-September, allowing advertisers to retarget shoppers off of the company’s marketplace without using the Amazon DSP. Once advertisers create a campaign and add products, Amazon auto-generates an ad creative and dynamically optimizes it to show products with the highest expected likelihood of converting. Merkle explains.
  • Vend Me A Product Based On A Search In GMB
    Carvana brought the kiosk back into style. Amazon call it a "locker." Miriam Ellis writes about doing a Google search to find a kiosk in close proximity that would vend her things, no matter what time of night or day. She explains how kiosks can generate revenue, but wonders whether what they could do for a band's online presence and whether Google would allow the company to list the machine on Google My Business. 
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