• Google Instates New Validations For Ad Account Names
    Google Ads accounts will no longer have the ability to include a URL in their account names beginning June 2023. The company said an ACTION_NOT_PERMITTED error will serve up when a new Google Ads account is created through the Google Ads API or when updating an existing one.
  • 13 Of The Biggest Tech Design Failures
    Architectural Digest highlights the 13 biggest design fails in modern history that are on display at the Museum of Failure, from Sony Betamax to Apple Pippin to Google Glass to TwitterPeek.
  • Nine More U.S. States Join Google Ad Antitrust Action
    The U.S. Justice Department and 17 states have now joined sued Alphabet's Google subsidiary claiming the web giant has unfairly monopolized the buying and selling of digital advertising.
  • Lush Slashes Millions Of Ad Dollars Spent On Google
    Lush will cut its advertising budget on Google as part of its "tech rebellion." The cosmetics retailer reportedly will reduce the “millions” it spends on Google Ads to protect its bath bomb trademark, cutting its platform investment by a third. The strategy is to redirect the budget to smaller tech organizations and open-source solutions, so it can interact with customers in more “ethically sound” digital spaces.
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