• Google AI Researcher Jumps To Apple
    Last month Ian Goodfellow joined Apple's Special Projects Group as a director of machine learning. He is considered the father of an AI approach known as generative adversarial networks, or GANs. CNBC reports that Goodfellow updated his profile on LinkedIn to acknowledge his role as director.
  • Google Platform Shutdowns Damage The Brand
    Suggesting that Google product support has become a joke, Arstechnica writes that in the first 91 days of 2019, Google, on average, has officially shuttered one Google-branded product, feature, or service about every nine days. Some products have transition plans, and some don't. What's important is that every actions has a negative consequence for Google's brand, and the near-constant stream of shutdown announcements makes Google seem increasingly unstable and more untrustworthy than in the past, according to the post. 
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