• Search Experts Wanted: MediaPost Search Insider Summit
    Have you always wanted to attend the MediaPost Search Insider Summit, but never took the steps to fulfill the dream? Do you work at a brand? Here's your chance. The Search Insider Summit advisory board is looking for experts on a variety of topics to participate in keynotes, presentations and panel discussions. Think you're not an expert? You're probably being humble, if you have a passion for search and a strong opinion on the topic. Send me a note to get in touch.
  • App Optimization Tips
    Gary Yentin takes marketers through strategies to optimize apps in order to help consumers discover them and then search and find the content they need. He calls the process app store optimization, or ASO -- and it’s rapidly taking its place as the new SEO. The post focuses on optimizting keywords, metadata and tags; optimizing icons, screenshots, Google Play listings; and runs through the importance of ratings and reviews.
  • Mobile Paid-Search Flaws And How To Fix Them
    Becoming "cocky" and not recognizing that paid-search campaigns have room for improvement can become a marketer's worst enemy. Erin Sagin warns marketers not to let a sense of pride prevent them from being successful with paid search. Sagin outlines three things that marketers can do to accurately assess account performance.
  • Google Claims Improvements To Voice Search
    Google claims it has improved voice search for Android and iOS mobile apps, based on a new approach to artificial intelligence powering the service. Google researchers explain how they made the improvements, which include faster, more accurate transcriptions and better voice recognition in noisy places.
  • Microsoft Forms Partnership With Baidu
    Microsoft has announced a partnership with Baidu in China. The program, called Windows 10 Express, will make it easier for users in China to upgrade and download an official operating system.
  • Advanced Google AdWords Tips
    While it may seem easy, Google AdWords is complicated. It takes expertise, skill and knowledge to run a successful paid-search campaign. Joe Putnam runs through five important steps to help search marketers get started, followed up by more advanced strategies such as taking advantage of callout extensions; increasing continuity between keywords, ads and landing pages; and building out negative keyword lists.
  • Search: How To Optimize FAQ Pages
    Brittney Sheffield explains how to optimize Frequently Asked Questions pages. She believes marketers should start by looking at how customers interact with the brand and business. Don't be shy. Ask customers questions to truly understand how they view products and services. Then identify long-tail terms, revise as needed, and remember that it's about giving customers answers to their everyday and more complicated questions. So revise as challenges and trends change.
  • Google Sends Love To Wikipedia
    Research from Stone Temple Consulting around Wikipedia traffic on Google confirms a decline in URLs in the top 10 results in both commercial and informational queries in Google search. The study done after reports surfaced from SimilarWeb of the decline. Eric Enge takes us through the findings about Google’s results using four different snapshots of rankings data. Here is what the data shows.
    1. Google Welcomes India PM Modi
      Google CEO Sundar Pichai welcomes India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Silicon Valley, who arrived in the U.S. Wednesday for a five-day visit. Engineers from India have played an important role in the development of technology from silicon chips to finished goods. Google estimates that within the next few years, 50 million women and 20 million small businesses in India will come online for the first time, and the company wants to have the opportunity to support them.
    2. Microsoft Updates Xbox With Voice Messages
      Microsoft has added to the Xbox support for voice messages. The new feature allows users to "surf" over to messages and click on any note that includes audio. A media player appears in the right column to relay what friends said. Microsoft also supports a feedback site, so gamers can suggest how to improve on Xbox One and Xbox App for Windows 10.
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