• Iceland Launches Human Search Engine Campaign
    Iceland has launched a marketing campaign that introduces the world’s first human search engine where people can actually call and get a human response. Ask Guðmundur is a unique service featuring a personal search platform made up of humans for tourists to discover some of the country's hidden secrets. Seven Icelanders named Guðmundur (male) or Guðmunda (female) across Iceland volunteered for the chance to offer insider knowledge, advice, and local secrets to tourists who want the ultimate Iceland experience.
  • Google Joins Ad Council Initiative Creators For Good
    The Ad Council has joined forces with Google and a handful of other companies to build campaigns that will educate younger generations. The announcement, made at the Interactive Advertising Bureau's fourth annual Digital Content NewFronts marketplace in New York City, includes content partners Fullscreen, DreamWorks Animation-owned AwesomenessTV, Collective Digital Studio, DEFY Media, Disney-owned Maker Studios and StyleHaul. 
  • The $5,000 Perk Google Removed After Three Years
    Google employees get a lot of perks. They receive free food, shutter services, the ability to share knowledge, Google talks and guest speakers, game rooms, and some facilities even have on-site medical staff. At one time Google even offered staff a $5,000 subsidy to any employee who bought a hybrid car. As the cars became more popular, that perk went away.
  • Four Integrated SEO And Paid-Search Tips To Consider
    Site architecture, mobile search ad performance, content marketing and social media, and Bing are four areas that Christopher Ratcliff believes marketers should hone their focus when it comes to integrating SEO and paid-search campaigns. He guides us through these four key areas, making suggestions to break down silos and improve the use of data.
  • Google's Remind Me, Find Me
    Google has been integrating its desktop search with Android devices through Android Action Cards. The features include finding your device, and the other, sending directions to your phone. Overall, the features aren't new, but they are new for Google. The Google Operating Systems blog found that other similar "searches" now make it possible to set an alarm or send a note to your phone as well.
  • Google Has A New Display Network Interface
    Navah Hopkins believes Google's display campaigns look a lot like Facebook's these days. He guides marketers through the differences and the changes providing tips to help them get started. For example, marketing objectives are now required in the new display interface. Marketers will need to choose one of three marketing objectives such as build awareness, influence decisions, and drive actions. Hopkins explains.
  • Ebay CEO Backs Google, Calls The Search Engine A Commerce Competitor
    Ebay's CEO recently came to Google’s antitrust defense by admitting that the pair is in direct competition when it comes to online shopping, confirming the U.S. search group's claim that the Brussels antitrust probe misunderstands how people buy products online. The antitrust probe says Google has abused its dominance of Web search to eliminate rival specialist shopping search engines such as eBay by favoring it's own.
  • Luxottica, Parent Company Of Oakley, Ray-Ban, Working With Google On Next Version Of Glass
    Luxottica, the parent company of Oakley and Ray-Ban, is working with Google engineers to design new versions of Google Glass. The CEO, Massimo Vian made the announcement at the company's general meeting in Milan, Italy. The companies are working on the third version as well, with Vian confirming discrepancies on how the version three of eyewear will look.
  • Gaining Value From SEO As SERPS Move Down The Page
    Rand Fishkin explains how marketers can get SEO value from pages, although it might seem like expanding answer boxes and growing knowledge graph results continue to take over search engine page results, moving organic listings to the bottom. He outlines four of the major concerns he frequently hears about from marketers: how to customize instant answers, knowledge graph answers, knowledge graph sidebar, and extracted instant answers. Fishkin explains.
  • Please, Unlink The Backlink
    Kyla Becker guides us through the dos and don’ts of reaching out to webmasters after discovering a non-compliant backlink to your Web site from another's. The backlink could negatively affect your Web site. No matter how nice you might be, you might still encounter some pushback. Here are some tips to approach the situation.
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