• Google Reportedly Buying Data Science Community Kaggle
    Google and Kaggle declined to comment on rumors of an acquisition, but TechCrunch reports the news, based on sources. If true, Google gains "one of the largest and most active communities for data scientists," TechCrunch reports. Kaggle raised $12.5 million since its launch in 2010, from investors such as Index Ventures, SV Angel, Max Levchin, Naval Ravikant, Google chief economist Hal Varian, Khosla Ventures and Yuri Milner.
  • Google Launches Meet, A Hangout For Enterprises
    Google has quietly unveiled Meet in Google Hangouts, providing businesses with a way to connect through video conferencing. The app, first spotted by TechCrunch, appears to tie in the user's Gmail account and automatically integrates any entries the person has in Google Meetings. The page also asks users to enter a meeting code to join the meeting. TechCrunch suggests that the app will likely become part of Google's Cloud-powered G Suite.
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