What happens when you're cut off from media . . . Life goes on.

Welcome back to Muncie, the small city that is “trying” (the little city that could?).

Your blogger here (Jason) has been absent for a while…roaming the streets of ATL. I didn’t have the Internet at our apartment in Buckhead, which is the reason I couldn’t blog. I did however check my emails at work (thank god). So for all of you who think that it’s impossible to live without your Internet…think again. In addition to having little to no time on the Internet, I also broke my phone this summer (dropped it in water). Having only a handful of people actually memorized made it hard to survive, but guess what…I did. Life still happens for many people who don’t use the new-media ways. This begs a question: Are all of these new devices made to make communication easier really doing just that?

Although I think they can make communication easier, I do think our dependence on technology has reached dangerous levels (and not just recently….years and years ago). Think about all the devices that would ruin the world if they just simply stopped working (cars, planes, internet, phones…). I imagine riots occurring, and although this may seem crazy to hear…do you honestly think it wouldn’t happen?

It seems that devices tend to be lifelines, if cut from people’s lives (like arteries) they flail about and panic. Maybe ancient ways of thinking should be reconsidered as safety precautions…Talking face-to-face, car pooling, riding a bike, keeping hard copies…I do recommend that you don’t ford the river (an oxen always dies, then someone gets cholera).

In many ways not having the Internet and breaking my cell phone was a great experience…I am however programmed to use these devices. And being back at school is only enticing me more and more. Ugh, what to do? Maybe future generations should be warned…

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