Taps Visual Sciences for Site Analytics

  • August 30, 2007 has chosen San Diego-based Visual Sciences, formerly known as WebSideStory, Inc., to handle site analytics. will leverage the company's Visual Site tool to gain advertising and content management insights from user activity and site traffic. Visual Site will aggregate individual visitor activity across multiple Web sessions, allowing to develop a "lifetime" view of its users and quickly adapt the interface or content to suit their evolving needs.

In addition, will use Visual Site to group visitors based on specific sets of demo or behavioral attributes, analyze each group's site interactions, and then use the data to inform its ad and content development teams. The software is powered by Visual Sciences' proprietary technology that facilitates real-time analysis of large volumes of streaming and historical data.

According to Michael Smith, vice president and general manager of operations at, Visual Site "will augment our existing efforts to design the site according to user needs, and will ultimately lead to increased customer retention and loyalty." The service is available on-demand or as enterprise software, making it an "ideal solution for and other large media entities seeking a faster method of collecting and analyzing very large amounts of data," said Jim MacIntyre, CEO, Visual Sciences. "We believe that will see immediate benefits from Visual Site's real-time analysis capabilities that answer complex, yet valuable, questions very quickly.



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