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Red And Yellow May Win At Beijing Olympics

The Beijing Olympics next year could spark a trend in the traditional Chinese colors of red and yellow, says Jack Bredenfoerder, president of the Color Marketing Group. Globalization and the increasing influence of countries like China and India also play a role in the popularity of colors. Bredenfoerder says the traditional spice colors associated with India have been in vogue. With that has come a revival of teal, a blue shade that complements them.

The Color Marketing Group--a 1,000-member industry association group that includes representatives from General Motors and Kimberly-Clark--has for decades sought to forecast color trends years in advance. A similar group, the Color Association of the United States, based in New York, has been forecasting color trends since 1915.

Both groups predict a continued dominance of blues in the next year or so, with a surge in metallic colors, like silver and gold, displacing some of the browns.



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