Privacy on "the Book"

  • by , September 5, 2007

As students, most of us will be embarking on professional careers in the near future and we know the importance of presenting our best foot forward. It has been in the news in the past how potential employers have used Facebook as a means to “investigate” their prospects before hiring them.

Sneaky as that may be, it is totally fair game when it comes to the cyber-world. Which, in all actuality, SUCKS - especially when the internet is a factor in you being hired or not.

I thought that Facebook was a social utility to interact with your peers and to be able to express yourself. I guess that is not the case anymore when you have to monitor your uploaded photos, groups, self-expression, and sometimes your added friends. LOL.

But I have found a way to effectively “employer-proof” my profile. First, it starts with the name. I am not labeled under my government name, so it is a little difficult to find me. Secondly, I made it so that only students, grad students and close alumni can see my profile. So if you are not in my network, nor in college, you won’t be able to find me through a search. Another tidbit is, if you are able to find me, you still won’t be able to view my profile unless you contact me via poke or message.



This may seem like I have paranoia towards the world of “the Book,” but it is only precautionary. I feel that if the person is worth my time, then they will contact me or we would have established a connection prior to Facebook. Also, I feel that it is unprofessional for an employer to do investigative work on their potential employee’s personal life via internet. One simple word or picture could be detrimental to the start of your professional career. I hope that everyone will be more intelligent and conscious of what they place on the internet.

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