Reader Comment of the Week

I too have become a Sopranos junkie. It all started this summer when my roommates and I decided to rent the first disk on a whim. After watching the first few episodes, we were hooked. That night, we went to the movie store, to the library and called every friend we had trying to find the next disk. We failed, but refused to move on to later disks. A week later we received the entire first season as a gift and consumed the next 3 episodes in one sitting. But the inevitable happened; schedules and a missing disk have once again halted the-joy-that-is a Soprano marathon. It’s funny though, because even if we had the disk we simply couldn’t watch the next episodes without the other roommates around. It would be like cheating…

It says something about my generation that DVDs have become our way of consuming television. I never watched one episode of “Sex and the City” live on HBO. But the roommates and I started watching the DVDs, and have subsequently seen all of the episodes disk-by-disk since. In fact, I would say that it’s just a bonus to see the syndicated version on television.



DVDs of TV shows sounded like a ridiculous idea when they first came out. But for me they are the only way I get the chance to watch really great shows like the Sopranos, Sex and the City, House, Friends (which I never watched until the DVDs came out), etc. College students really can’t afford expensive stations, don’t like ads, and don’t really have time to sit down weekly for new shows. DVDs of shows are fabulous, and my favorite way to watch TV.

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