VMAs = BIG Dissapointment

  • by , September 10, 2007

Like many I'm sure, I tuned into the MTV Video Music Awards the other night, especially to see Britney Spears make her "comeback" performance. Am I a fan of Britney Spears? No. Am I sick of hearing about her? You bet. But I respected MTV for capitalizing on her ridiculous antics and realizing that Britney, although crazy most of the time, brings in viewers/money.

Unfortunately, although somewhat expected, Britney's performance was a disgrace. Did I expect an extravagant, mind-blowing performance? No. But I did think it would be something that was worth talking about and needless to say, it was extremely painful to watch. Not only did she lip-sync, she did so terribly, and her dancing made her look like she didn't want to be there.

Not only was Britney's performance a disgrace, the entire VMA show was terrible. I remember four or five years back when I was in high school, it was a big deal to watch the VMAs because it was always a great show and that's all my friends and I talked about the next day. Granted, I am a little bit older and no longer a teeny-bopper, but I still expected to enjoy the show because a majority of the artists that performed, I listen to. Boy was I wrong...



For instance, the VMA's are known for their elaborate and entertaining musical performances. This year, they opted to perform in the Palms Casino hotel rooms, with no elaborate sets or lights, and I was ultimately less than impressed. Also, when they interviewed a celebrity, MTV had a window for the interview, a window of the interviewee's past performances, and another window for the MTV VMA logo. On top of that, every graphic on the screen was flashing and moving. It was too much. Maybe MTV was assuming that their younger audience needs all of those windows and graphics to keep their attention, but frankly, I almost had a seizure from it.

Again, I don't know if it's my age, but regardless, this year's show left me extremely disappointed and I doubt I will make a point to watch it again.

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