Adverb Media Emerges As Latest One-Stop Interactive Ad Shop

Three interactive marketing companies have merged under the Adverb Media umbrella, forming the latest digital advertising shop to offer services that run the gamut from search to Web analytics and site design, to creative and media strategy, as well as blog and buzz monitoring technology.

Boonton-based Adverb Media is comprised of direct response and search marketing agency Digital Grit, creative and branding shop Temel, and Relevant Noise, a social media tech development firm. The three companies will retain their individual titles and branding, integrating their services, employees and clientele under the guidance of CEO Dan Lynn.

Lynn, co-founder of both DigitalGrit and RelevantNoise, has said that Adverb Media represents more of a reunion than a merger--as the search-based Digital Grit actually grew out of Temel in 2000, while Relevant Noise's technology and services emerged from Digital Grit in 2005. The founders of all three companies (Temel was established in 1990) will remain actively involved in the new agency.



The independent shop's strategy underscores moves that industry giants like Microsoft and Google have recently made--adding creative divisions to their online advertising stables either through acquisitions or snagging top talent--with the goal of providing a more effective, truly integrated offering.

"It's the way the marketplace is headed," said Lynn. "Clients want to leverage the whole Internet for great, measurable results--not worry about which channel or service works best." He added: "they want to work with someone who can pull it all together--strategy, creative, direct response, tech development and analytics--and be excellent at them all. And we do. At Adverb Media one plus one, plus one does equal four."

Together, the three companies have offices in New Jersey, New York, Los Angeles, and Boise, Idaho--but according to Lynn, getting team members from different states and divisions with various skill sets on the same page is not a concern. "The cultures of each company are centered around a desire to be great," said Lynn. "We've worked together over the years, so it's a really natural fit."

As part of Adverb Media's growth, the company plans to expand its emerging media and mobile capabilities, bringing in new talent and partnering with--or even acquiring--the allies they need. "We're going to continue to grow aggressively--leveraging more channels, developing greater analytics, and building out our capabilities," said Lynn.

"We'll create new businesses internally, and look for partners to join us under the Adverb Media umbrella--because we have customers who have incredible needs, and we have incredible aspirations to deliver them the best possible results."

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