Gecko..I Mean Geico

  • by , October 1, 2007

It appears creativity is taking a front seat to company knowledge as more catchy jingles, characters, and bizarre situations are showing up in today's advertisements. As a marketing student and advertising buff, I must admit I am greatly enjoying the ride. The marketing and advertising industry is an exciting and evolving one, which appears to be welcoming off-beat and non-traditional ideas.

For instance, with its advertising budget reaching a close $500 million in 2006, Geico has positioned itself as one of the most creative advertisers in the market. Between the Cavemen, the infamous Geko, and now Geico's latest addition of "The Real Scoop" themed commercials, Geico has my attention.

However, it is important to remember that creative advertising does not always mean good advertising. Sure, the latest and greatest commercial aired rightfully receives its five minutes of fame around the watering hole, but are quirky commercials truly having an impact on consumer wallets? The results vary and is to be determined on a company basis.



Regardless of the results, as advertising becomes more prevalent and creative, it should be backed with quality customer service, reliable products, and a satisfied consumer. As companies spend millions of dollars on advertising they must continue to spend millions on 'good business' in order to remain successful. As for Geico, two personal thumbs up for creativity:

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