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Facebook Employees Are Watching You

Privacy concerns were raised at Facebook after an anonymous source revealed that a friend from the company had asked her why she kept looking at his profile. Well, according to the source, one of the "perks" of being a Facebook employee is the ability to see anyone's profile and their profile activity.

According to Web 2.0 master John Battelle (link: says, is a "very real" problem for Facebook, because one of the main reasons for the company's success is its ability to handle personal data in a respectful manner. Millions trust Facebook, but letting its employees eavesdrop is hardly respecting user privacy. This is particularly bad news on the eve of the social network's new advertising announcement, because "Social Ads" will depend heavily on all that wonderful user data.

Facebook can't afford to have the privacy issue when it's got a $15 billion valuation and is searching for justification.

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