Wallpaper As Interactive Ad Vehicle

  • January 24, 2003
A new software program from ScreenTime Media gives marketers a fresh strategy for promoting their products, services and corporate identity on customers' computers. The program, called SWF Desktop, makes it possible to quickly create branded computer wallpaper with dynamic updating capabilities that can be used to deliver new product announcements, promotions and other information directly to users' desktop screens on a regular basis. The wallpaper's presence on the desktop allows marketers to deliver multiple impressions every day. End users can download the wallpaper from a marketer's website and use it to personalize their PCs, while marketers can continually refresh the content. Dynamic components can range from new product information to coupons, special offers, event calendars, photos, and buttons allowing users to order merchandise or link directly to a site. This interactivity is provided by SWF Desktop's industry-first ability to easily and reliably convert Macromedia Flash or Swish .swf files to wallpaper. ScreenTime Media is used by companies including Intel, IBM, Paramount Pictures, Disney, Chiat Day, Ford and Mercedes.
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