I need a little more with my cup of coffee . . .

Turns out video didn’t kill the radio, its still around. I have found that morning radio shows are an excellent way to help me wake up in the morning. They have a great deal of funny bits, interesting interviews and so on.

I often find myself flipping between the local Radio Now station, the rock alternative station X103, and a pop rock station, 99.5. I find Radio Now to be way too focused around celebrity junk. I find X103 to be geared far too much toward stoners (i.e. wake and bake). Lastly, I find that 99.5 is geared more for an older crowd, with humor which I personally find a little corny. I also find myself switching over to NPR for my intellectual fill, but unfortunately that’s not the place for a great deal of humor.

I think what is needed is a radio station to attract the Daily Show crowd.

What is needed is a morning radio program which will entertain a young crowd that is interested in more than smoking weed, or celebrity gossip. Maybe, I am alone on this one and people wouldn’t be interested in a funny, mature, sociopolitical morning radio show that is oriented around a young professional crowd - but then again maybe they would.

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