You gave me what?

According to Dave Coffey, who tracks online trends for Sapient, those virtual gifts bought on Facebook and then given to fellow "friends," are so popular because they have significance: "For the person who gets the gift, it is like a badge of honor."

Really? That's stretching it. And I think others would agree that buying these gifts is pretty silly. Why would I spend money on a gift that isn't tangible? Granted, the gifts are only $1, but there are features on Facebook's website where you can exchange virtual gifts for free. According to a CNN article, these virtual gifts have mass appeal and are extremely popular with Facebook users. Well, apparently not with this Facebook user.

Sure, I have given virtual gifts on Facebook, but again, for free. I gave them to other friends as an inside joke or because the gift I was giving was so outrageous it was funny. For example, I gave my roommate a stack of pancakes because we both love the restaurant IHOP. Silly, but funny... When the feature first came out I suppose it was appealing, but that feeling subsided pretty quickly.

I guess I am just one of those people who prefer REAL gifts opposed to virtual one. Regardless, Happy Gift Giving!



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