Google + AOL = Heaven?

  • by , December 7, 2007

More evidence for my argument that Google is slowly but surely taking over the world: reports indicate that Google has invested $1 billion in AOL.

The byproduct of this investment? Those who enjoy the ability to chat with other GMail users (like me) directly within the browser interface now have an added bonus / distraction: AOL instant messenger IN GMail.

My friends are ecstatic beyond words. They see this as a match made in a silicone-lined digital heaven.

But I have to admit, I'm already starting to see it's downside.

For one, I have a tendency of leaving my mail window open, sometimes walking away from it. Now, not only does this give others unrestricted access to my inbox, but also my instant messenger! All in one convenient window.

Also, I don't want to have to explain to people "I'm just checking my e-mail," over and over, when I sign in briefly to the welcome of 3 IMs.

It's okay, though -- you can, in fact, turn this feature on and off. Mine is still on -- for now.

What will Google buy next?



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