Swipe My Face

  • by , December 26, 2007

A random Facebook NewsFeed item brought my attention to Bank of America's Photo Expressions credit card.

The premise of the card: Upload or mail in a picture of your choice and have it displayed as the background (2"x2") of your credit card. Want it changed? That's free as often as we'd like.

Using the site as my only point of reference, BoA is doing an ingenious job of getting young adults to sign up for credit cards with this promotion. While I can't see a lot of men going for this, I certainly see daddy-funded sorority girls signing up and mailing in fresh images of Greek letters and way too much makeup.

I'm tempted to get this card without telling my friends. It would be amusing to pull a card at the end of the meal, slap it on the table and watch the faces of confused friends wondering how their faces ended up on the direct link to my finances.

Perhaps I'm a bit of a super-saver, but I'll stick to my BoA WorldPoints rewards card that also has PayPass. The latter feature came in handy when paying for cabs during a recent visit to New York City.

A picture of my friends wouldn't have had the same effect. Eh - I guess that depends on the picture and the driver.

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