Politics can make a difference

Of the many RSS feeds I've got pumping into Google Reader, only a handful deal exclusively with Election 2008.

Most recently added to my RSS lineup: Comedy Central's Indecision 2008 Web site, including feeds for related Daily Show and Colbert Report videos, and a fairly humorous blog.

No, it's not the New York Times. It's not even the Indy Star. But I lack cable at my place of residence in Muncie, so these feeds are my link the the satire making politics so enjoyable for our generation.

Comedy Central's parent, Viacom, is suing Google/YouTube over copyright issues, and this content is the basis of their argument. Up until now, though, Comedy Central has given no easily viral way to share this content - that I'm aware of, anyway. (A clunky, ad-covered, memory-intensive player is not a good way to share, IMHO.)


They've branded out their own in-browser, linkable and embed-capable video player for all the clips featured on the Indecision site. It's a little taste of the Daily Show and Colbert Report whenever and wherever I want it.

Who says politics don't make a difference?

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