Atlas DMT Launches Atlas Digital Marketing Suite 3.0

Advertising technology provider Atlas DMT today unveiled the latest version of its third party ad serving and campaign management platform Atlas Digital Marketing Suite 3.0.

According to the announcement, the new ad server processes online campaign data 70% faster than other competitive methods, thanks to Atlas’ Web Analysis Results Profiler (WARP), which enables marketers to answer questions about their target audience, site-side activity and online commerce, such as "What is the time between a first visit and a first purchase?" and "Which sites on the Internet do my best prospects and customers frequent?"

“Marketers want their online advertising campaigns to provide a clearer picture of their customer's behavior, but to do this, they need help slicing through the vast amounts of data the Internet provides," said Tom Sperry, president of Atlas DMT. “Atlas Suite 3.0 with WARP provides our customers with insights found in the majority of data that other ad servers just can't process. And it was built with the future in mind -- a future where more and more media is digital and more marketers are taking advantage of the power of the medium."



The new version of the ad server will include a variety of features, such as Site Finder, a behavior-based planning tool that helps marketers find where their best customers and prospects surf online; and Vital Signs, a campaign and site analytics tool that allows marketers to understand campaign performance and customer behavior from multiple viewpoints.

Additionally, the new suite includes a GRP & Reach Forecaster, the industry's first tool for predicting GRPs, reach and frequency of online buys, and the only one to combine both syndicated panel data and third-party ad serving data for the most accurate predictions. Reach & Frequency Reporting – another component - the only solution that reveals frequency distributions for every placement in a campaign, providing the most accurate analysis of campaign effectiveness.

Atlas is arguably the most respected ad serving system in existence today. The Interactive Advertising Bureau, which is about to launch a yearlong campaign to brand online advertising, is the first endorser of the new ad suite. As Greg Stuart, president and CEO of the IAB said today, "Atlas Suite 3.0 with WARP allows advertisers to drill deeper into their marketing data, enabling them to communicate more effectively with their audience.” Stuart said that the IAB is “fortunate” have Atlas DMT contributing their technology to the campaign.

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