Swimming Cheerleader

This week has been very quiet for me. My house is empty, all my friends are gone, and I have been texting out of control. All my friends and roommates are at the MAC Swimming and Diving Championships. I would go but it’s in Nashville, Tennessee and the meet last 4 days. I am not about to miss my classes, call off work, and spend that much money before spring break.

As a former swimmer I love watching competitive championships meet. I know I can read the results online about an hour after the each event, but I would rather watch the meet live. However, I was not aware I could do this until the second day. I was so shocked when I found the website. I am facinated by how I can pause and go back for a brief couple of minutes. Now I can watch my friends swim their best events and post good times, instead of texting them and waiting forever to hear back from them. I also don’t have to wait for the results to be posted.

I kind of feel like a dork because I was watching a session and I found myself cheering and when the race was over I was like “David, he can’t hear you, and you’re screaming at your computer like your crazy!” I guess I am just passionate about my favorite sport and live my swimming career through my friends.

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