Music crossing boundaries . . . or technology

...."my love," sang Justin Timberlake over the radio at the bus stop this afternoon.... I smiled as I noticed the woman next to me waiting for the bus singing along. Well actually, all she was able to vocally keep up with throughout the song was "my love" because when she was my age she was on the brink of the transitional music era between the fox trot and the Beatles.

As I rode the bus to class, I contemplated the expression "standing the test of time" with music and technology. Although it seems as if the growth of technology is flying by us, when was the last time we really noted the differences between generations in acceptance of the current trends in music?

When I think about my parents growing up, images of long hair and mothers banging on bedroom doors to turn that "devil's music" down immediately come to my mind. But now, it seems as though advances in technology have lessened some of the age-based demographic barriers when it comes to the latest new hit song.

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