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Reports: Facebook Valuation Below $5 Billion

Is Facebook worth $15 billion? Nope, not anymore, according to a few reports. Last week, TechCrunch's Michael Arrington reported that one California money manager is representing a seller with a block of Facebook stock with an asking price valuing the social network in the $3-$4 billion range, far less than the $15 billion valuation it received last year after Microsoft purchased a one percent stake for $240 million.

Meanwhile, a Silicon Alley Insider source floated a similar rumor earlier last week, asserting that the valuation was "less than $4 billion for sure." Then, after Arrington's report appeared, another unidentified source claimed a Facebook employee, inquiring on behalf of another Facebook employee, was offered a 0.25% stake in the social networking giant for $12.5 million, or a valuation of $5 billion.

It looks like that unless both TC and SAI's sources are working together, there are now multiple Facebook shareholders looking to unload shares. More importantly, they're going for more than $10 billion less than the valuation placed on Facebook last fall.



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