JCPenney's teen sex ad drama

[After reflecting on the headline, this blog post should exponentially boost MediaPost's search result numbers!]

The blogosphere is buzzing about that racy, apparently mocked JCPenney ad hinting to teenage sex.

So what?

I don't have an issue with the ad subject, although frankly I think it's a bit weak. It's clearly sexual in nature. Yes, teens are obviously the subject. By no surprise are we seeing the right wing, and JCP execs, throw their arms up in protest.

Overall, it's not that cute of an ad. Maybe for Trojan, not for JCP. Regardless of whether the ad was/is sanctioned, it's still not that relevant to a department store.

Besides, it serves no relevance to JCP's current ad campaign. This ad would have done much better under Penny's slogan circa-1990.

J.C. Penny: Doing It Right.

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