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TiVo Tracks Ad Viewing-And Skipping

  • Adweek, Thursday, July 31, 2008 10 AM

The first batch of data from TiVo's new commercial audience measurement service supports the view that people will skip fewer ads if they see the ads as relevant to their circumstances.

The second-by-second service, called PowerWatch, covered May 2008, and it reveals that all demographic segments fast-forward through commercials at a high rate. For prime-time broadcast TV, 66% of the ads are skipped, and for all TV networks across all time periods, about half the ads are skipped.

Skipping, however, is 15% to 37% reduced if the ad is relevant, such as toy ads in a home with young children or political ads in a home with adults 50+. "Commercial skipping is not as random as some people think and there are clear differences by demographic group," says Todd Juenger, TiVo general manager.



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