Letters and Numbers

  • by April 12, 2001
Letters and Numbers

Cost Per Thousand, Click Through Rate, Cost Per Acquisition, Cost Per Click: all measures of cost or performance for reaching prospects and variously endorsed as 'best methods,' are a subject of a recent Opt-in News report covering e-mail marketing and e-zines (online magazines).

According to a the report, the average cost-per-thousand (CPM) rate for direct e-mail marketing is currently $210, down from $240 in 2000 and about $250 in 1999.

The report says that in 2000, the click-thru-rate for direct e-mail marketing networks (where the ad itself is broadcast to opt-in e-mail recipients) was 4.8%. The CTR for e-zine/newsletter marketing networks was 2.6% (ad copy placed in the body of an e-mail publication).

Financial 'e-zines,' charge the most at $79 CPM, and the least expensive are Family e-zines at $11 CPM. The average costs (CPM) for the various Online magazines in 2001 are shown in the report as:

E-Zine Cost Per Thousand

Financial $79
Business $56
Technology $44
Health & Fitness $32
Entertainment $21
Family $11

Source: Opt-in News 2001

The report also found that all e-mail marketing ad networks accept CPM as the standard online campaign, cost-per-click (CPC) is accepted by 53%, and Cost Per Acquisition by 38%.

Finally, Opt-in News says that 66% of direct e-mail campaigns were in text format and 34% were in HTML or another form of rich media.

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