How about just upgrading the infrastructure?

  • by , September 5, 2008

Comcast is starting to get under my skin.

They just filed an official appeal for the FCC to reverse its decision that service providers can’t restrict how people use their service.  They’re trying to play the victim card, when it’s readily apparent that they are not the victim. 

It bothers me that Comcast has been making record profits, but won't upgrade their infrastructure to accommodate the increased demands their customer base is placing on the system.  It bothers me that they decide to screw their customers over by restricting the manner and quantity of their downloading.

At my Indy home, the TOS requires that I not run any sort of web server using my home broadband connection (a ridiculous rule in this day and age).  I checked the website to see how much it would be to upgrade my home connection to a business connection.  They don’t offer it in my area – go figure.

Larger downloads are a fact of life.  People watch dozens of streaming TV shows every month.  Legal downloads of massive files are commonplace.  The sheer amount of information demanded requires that service providers divert some funds from their precious profits and actually provide the level of service they claim to.

Just because you're providing a tool doesn't mean you have to act like one.



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