Generation Y(outube)

I can say that for the most part I am very conscious of what is happening when it comes to the advancements that have been made in media technologies and products. That mouthful being said, I can also say that at times I am very far behind the curve when it comes to use. Youtube is a perfect example

I only use this outlet in times when others have led my way. Usually a link provided via email or Facebook. Every time, I am amazed by the amount of content and variety that this site has available to the consumer marketplace. With this also comes untold amounts of manipulation, distortion and even some untold truths.

In the mass media event that has been the presidential election campaign of 2008, this medium has been used in many ways and for both candidates. Attacks form both sides, support for both sides and some very interesting stories. Think about the impact of Rev. Wright and now the investigations into Sarah Palin, Republican candidate for Vice President.

Youtube may actually be shaping this generation in ways that have previously not been seen or explored. Instantaneous reaction and counter reaction...every "gaffe" caught and put under the microscope. Many of those who are not as deeply immersed in the politics of the day, can catch up to what others have deemed worthy by their multitude of page views. The body politic is becoming a spearhead to what is consumed by others, pushing to media to have to catch up at times.The insertion of this medium into the present race has played a substantial role in laying out the battle that is to come.

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