Kudos to the Liternet

Part 2 in my short series on favorite websites: - Here is a site for both those of us who love literature, and those of us who put off reading for pleasure because "we don't have time." People today check their e-mail several times a day and probably spend an average of an hour, give or take, reading and answering messages. So why not double up and fit some good old-fashioned literature into your daily routine? At this site, you can pick out a novel you've always wanted to read, or been told you should read, and subscribe. A chapter or short excerpt will be sent to your inbox every day. I know I've complained in the past about reading things off of a computer screen, but when it comes in manageable chunks like this, I don't mind it so much. I absolutely loathe Jane Austen, and I almost got through Pride and Prejudice this way.

The same goes for online literary magazines. I've been looking through the Barcelona Review (, and really appreciate the opportunity to read international magazines without having to pay subscription and overseas shipping fees. This magazine is of particular interest to me because it's published in four different languages (English, Spanish, Catalan, and French). I'm going into translation for grad school and am so excited to see the internet being put to this kind of use to bridge language barriers.

Kudos to the "liternet."

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