Don't Trace Me, Bro!

The NSA is currently working on modifications to the IPv4 and IPv6 that would require extensive origin-identifying information to be included in each packet.  If such a system were ever to be implemented, it could quickly result in a well-indexed database of every site you or I visit, as well as what links were clicked, and about how much time is spent on each page.  Also included would be anything we type into web forms, search engines, and forums.

My generation has grown up with what I like to call group anonymity.  We don't mind if information exists - we'll spill our inner-most secrets to complete strangers in chatrooms and on weblogs.  What we do take comfort in, however, is the idea that our online identities are generally disassociated with our real-world ones. Such a protocol, if ever implemented, would completely undermine this level of anonymity that most internet users have come to expect.

What do I have to do for a little privacy?  Route everything through a proxy in a third-world country?



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  1. Sue Salinger from Rollins College, October 13, 2008 at 10:52 a.m.

    Hey Brian,
    Got any details on this? I'd like to research it further.
    Another question - any demographic polling done on how much privacy is bare minimum to ensure participation?


    sue salinger

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