Secret, secret... I've got a secret.

I have a confession to make... I have a secret obsession with a certain blonde singing sensation and I have to come clean. I'M OBSESSED WITH HANNAH MONTANA!

It all began about a year ago when I stumbled across the Disney Channel one morning before class and I saw Billy Ray Cyrus and his achy breaky heart mingling with a funny looking mix of Disney's personal blend of tween idols. I was bewildered and intrigued at the same time, so I sat and watched. The show wasn't particularly fascinating (a strange plot involving a teen caught between her pop idol persona and her lovable true self), but after I saw that one episode, Hannah Montana began popping up EVERYWHERE I went.

Over the last year, Hannah Montana has become a marketing sensation with products in nearly every aisle of any major store. In fact, as I sit in my room, I am surrounded by 2 Hannah Montana posters, a calendar, a toy microphone, a wig, a trick-or-treat bucket, a folder, a notepad, a blanket, and 3 separate pieces of Hannah Montana candy - essentially, Hannah Montana has taken over my life.



This may seem strange to some people - a 21 year old, male, college senior with a collection of teen idol merchandise - but I assure you, this passion for collecting comes not from a creepy place, but from the over-saturation of Hannah Montana in the world today. I literally cannot go a day without buying, seeing, receiving, or hearing about something related to this media diva-ette.

I stand as living proof that Disney has succeeded in infiltrating every aspect of human life with their starlets and media influence. Their tactics may be reaching the wrong demographic (I highly doubt they intended for me to become so enthralled with this 15-year-old), but they are working nonetheless.

My name is Travis and I'm a Hannah-holic. It has been 1 day since I purchased something Hannah related. I'm probably going to relapse soon. I don't want help.

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