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NBC Unveils Audience Figures Across Platforms

  • Mediaweek, Thursday, October 16, 2008 10:45 AM
NBC, the most ratings-challenged among broadcast networks, is getting a boost in viewership for several of its programs, according to just-released Total Audience Measure Index (TAMi) data. The increase comes mainly from Internet streaming videos, with small assists from VOD and mobile viewing.

The show benefiting the most from viewership beyond TV is "The Office." Its first two episodes had a total of 8.7 million Internet video streams. "Heroes" had 8.1 million streams for its two-hour premiere, but that dipped to 4 million streams for its second episode.

TAMi was first tested during NBC's coverage of the Summer Olympics. The network's goal is to come up with a measurement system that can document viewers from all platforms and compile that data overnight. NBC taps a variety of measurement sources and services to come up with its current TAMi data.



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