UPN Chains of Love

By Ken Liebeskind

In an effort to promote "Chains of Love," a reality series debuting April 17, United Paramount Network (UPN) is turning to online promotion. A one month campaign targeting women 12 to 34 years old began yesterday.

L90, a Marina Del Ray, CA online marketing firm, created the campaign, which vice president of marketing Lauren Kay calls a "clean simple branding progam" because only a Power ad pop up box will be used. The box uses flash animation and an audio component to show an image from the show and provide basic information, including when it airs and what channel.

Viewers can click a button after seeing the pop up to go to the UPN Website.

The ad will run on three sites that appeal to women, Targetmatch.com, Madhive.com and Ecrush.com. The sites are part of a network of over 500 publishers L90 operates. Advertisers can buy across the network or targeted channels, which UPN did.

L90 did a more elaborate promotion earlier this year to promote UPN's Gary and Mike, a new animated show. That campaign featured a pop up, a video clip from the show, a microsite where viewers could sign up for a sweepstakes and a viral element for pass along. "They had a lower budget this time, so we recommended the Power ad," Kay says.



UPN is undoubtedly spending more on its offline campaign, which features radio, print and outdoor.

"Chains of Love" is one of three new shows UPN will introduce in April as part of a new midseason lineup. As the title implies, it will involve prospective lovers chained to their potential mates. The show was produced by Endemol Entertainment USA. The other new shows are "Special Unit 2" and "All Souls."

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