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UCG Dupes Wreak Havoc On SEO

People who post the same content on a variety of sites (especially ones with listings like jobs or classified ads) create duplicate content issues for you instead of that dream of Web 2.0 SEOs: "free, unique content," according to Rand Fishkin. He believes this can cause search engines to stop listing your pages, and whole "subsections of your domain go unspidered or unindexed" because the search engines have determined that you're a "clearing house for materials they've already seen."

Make users post content on your site in a different order and with more depth and detail.If job listings typically require the company name, industry and job title, then add categories like hiring manager, and basic and advanced job requirements. You may have fewer, but higher-quality, entries that way -- and the spider on the search engine won't think it has already indexed the information.



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