HOP-ON.COM's 24 Hour Media Blitz

  • July 24, 2000
HOP-ON.COM has chosen Lycos to execute an innovative new online marketing strategy designed to deliver maximum impact to the largest audience in the shortest amount of time. In its agreement with Lycos, Hop-on (www.hop-on.com) will utilize 100 percent of Lycos Homepage banner impressions, combined in a media blitz with millions of banner impressions on the homepages of the diversified sites that make up the Network for the entire day, Monday, July 24th. This digital "roadblock" of the Lycos Network of 17 Web properties is expected to generate tens of millions of banner impressions in a 24-hour period.

For the 24 hour period, the only graphic banner ad that will be shown on Lycos home pages will be a Hop-on.com banner in a major promotion of their free DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) and Broadband Gateway services to users nationwide. Hop-on.com is offering free DSL to both residential and business users.

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